getting kids on the rock since 1996
  • "Climbing: be your
    own mascot."

    -Walter Funke, program
    alumni, coach, and mentor.
  • "Climbing is an unparalleled experience.
    Getting six-pack abs is a bonus."

    -Andrew Scherffius, participant
  • "I will always have climbing."
    -Brandon Smith, coach, mentor, and guide
  • "Climbing makes me feel powerful. It makes me feel bigger than I really am."
    -Delaney Sigler, participant
  • "Rock climbing has brought out the best in Kate.┬áIt challenges her, but also gives her the freedom to explore her limits safely."
    -Denise Helin, parent
  • "Climbing helps me channel my inner monkey. And, man, my inner monkey is AWESOME!"
    -Gabby Pannell, participant
  • "To feel my body flow like a river up a route is to feel a connection to the great power of nature."
    -Inge Perkins, coach/mentor and program alumni
  • "Our child has tackled her fears of heights, gained confidence and become an accomplished climber. In the process she has learned the importance of perseverance in overcoming challenges."
  • "Climbing is one of the few things that I really love and am good at. I can experiment with it, try things (that sometimes scare me), and just have fun in general."
    -Katherine Seessel, participant